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Distribute With Ease

By Krupa Consulting

DistributeWithEase Keeps you in Drivers seat at all times.

DistributeWithEase is a Software as a Service solution that lets the Warehouse Owners to keep control of their stock during the entire life cycle. It helps you to keep track of product inventory and stock levels, distributing to Franchisees/Drivers with online dispatch notes, generating weekly invoices based on dispatch notes issued during the week, keeping track of the fleet and handling payments made. The software is very easy to use, with very attractive and responsive layout that can adapt to Mobiles, Tablets and PCs.

DistributeWithEase safely keeps track of your goods until final delivery to the customers.

DistributeWithEase is available in Web and Mobile App version. We provide multiple modules for PO management, Product/ Item management, Inventory control, Distribution management and Distribution resource planning. Fleet drivers can also keep track of their stocks and generate online invoices as they deliver goods.

Benifits Of DistributeWithEase

  • Smart way to manage your warehouse.
  • Keep yourself in control at all times.
  • Keep track of your stock situation at any time. Safely helps to avoid Over and Under stocking situations.
  • Automated data collection using Bar Code and GPS. Integrated Bar code reader with Mobile App. External Bar code plug in is available for web version.
  • Automatically populates customer details for Invoice generation from the mobile device depending on the GPS location.
  • Generate instant Dispatch Notes/ Invoices as the stock is delivered.
  • Automatically calculates Weekly Invoices based on the Dispatch Notes issued during the week.
  • Keep in know of arrears and payments made.
  • GPS tracking of the fleet.
  • Better Purchase order management and Replenishment planning.
  • Product/ Item management. Better Distribution management and Distribution resource planning.
  • Sales order management.
  • Cost control for each incoming batch.
  • Available as Web and Mobile App version.
  • Secure and Safe access to your data as each user is granted access based on his Roles.
  • Wide variety of graphical and statistical management reports is available.
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